Bicyclette is a San Francisco based start-up patisserie crafting custom baked goods focused on healthy, locally sourced ingredients and unique artistic flair in design concepts and decor.
My Role: Art Director, Web Designer
My Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
My Deliverables: Responsive website, Brand Identity, Content writing, art curation
I art directed and designed this start-ups new brand identity working closely with the founders to create a fresh, modern, and sophisticated look that would engage their targeted audience of affluent, discerning, heath-conscious lovers of fine baked goods. Showcasing not only their products but the detailed craftsmanship behind the products allowed me to bring the core value of their brand front and center and set them apart from their competitors.
Prototypes and Mock-ups
Presenting the client with three unique concepts, I focused on clean, modern lines, allowing the products, which were pieces of art in their own right, to maintain a dominant focal point.
Juxtaposing the modern lines and photography with hand-written typography allowed us to bring personality and warmth to their work and a nod to the hand-crafting that went into each unique cake and client.