JTB Group is the largest travel company in Japan and the 2nd largest travel company in Asia with growing global recognition in North America, Australia and Europe. Currently JTB has a worldwide network of 516 offices in 100 cities in 36 countries and regions around the world and employs more than 30,000 people.
In anticipation of Japan’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I was hired to position the JTB brand and online travel agency to engage over a billion new travelers worldwide. As Consulting UX and Brand Director, I sourced and acquired a cross-continent, cross-functional team of UI, UX, product designers, and data technologists to begin this complex overhaul of user-experience, design, OTA conversion, technology, backhaul and more. From roadmaps to high-fidelity prototypes, research, reports and deep data drives, I spent a year working closely with teams in the U.S. and Asia to map out the 4 year journey to the Olympics.
Roles and Skill Sets:
UX Direction
Art Direction
Brand Identity & Vision
Sourcing and Hiring Talent
Executive Reporting
Team Mentoring