Human. Vibrant. Dimensional. Microsofts MLS&D channels, brands, and digital touch points reach 3 Billion people and generate nearly 800 Million in revenue annually. As Director of Creative for Microsoft MLS&D, I challenge and champion all digital touch points and experiences, innovating, modernizing, retargeting, retaining, and converting across channels and brands, and accelerating the adoption of digital-first experiences for impact.
Artwork Microsoft
In this role I crafted core creative pillars and strategies, bridging design teams, agencies, partners and channels, and accelerating the adoption and implementation best-in-class digital-first principles and experiences. 

My role included:

 - Defining overarching creative strategy across LOB's, Channels, and Brands
 - Leading agencies & teams in ideating and executing world-class innovation across all digital touch points, products, brands and channels
 - Defining and executing Agency and internal design teams processes & oversights
 - Partnering with teams, channels, and stakeholders to champion and preserve brand guidelines, cohesion and consistencies across all touch points
 - Lead vision and ideation for design at scale, executing against complex, multi-channel brand guidelines taking projects from wireframes and zone diagrams to user experience flows and high-fidelity mockups.
 - Partnering with our data experimentation teams to deep dive customer analytics, research, and A/B testing, informing design and strategy across channels, platforms and customer journeys.
 - Helping guide and facilitate Microsofts first global migration from an antiquated proprietary platform and system into the modernization and adaptation of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager).

Artwork Microsoft Studio

Microsoft Surface
Surface computers were designed to take the Windows PC into the next era of computing. And the digital touch points that showcased these sleek, elegant devices needed to be as innovative and experiential and the devices. Through innovation, ideation, and modernization, I led teams of designers and strategists, internal and external, to evolve the Surface experience into more immersive and human expressions.

Artwork Microsoft Studio

Microsoft Windows
With the launch of Windows 11, we found ourselves at the starting gate of a new era. Microsoft all up, and Windows in particular, began shifting from a brand that was one-dimensional and buttoned-up, into a brand that was alive, human, vibrant and multi-faceted. As creative lead over Windows, both Consumer and Commercial, I led teams to ideate and explore new designs, innovations, and user journeys, crafting more immersive and experiential moments that connected our products to people more intuitively.
Data & Experimentation
Informing our strategies, designs, UX/UI, and creative, data & experimentation was at the forefront of everything we did. A key mission, from the inception of my role, was to weave data clarity and process into the very fabric our strategies. From rolling out data dives in kick-off campaigns, to implementing data templates into our Figma files, to holding 'bag lunch' educational series for our stakeholders and partners, to creating 'fast-pass' data libraries with easy access for teams, I emphasized and championed robust, integrated, and informed data-driven creative systems.