JetStream is passionate about enabling and supplying solution providers with powerful, easy to deploy, information, security and compliance technology solutions for businesses of all sizes across all major verticals. Processing millions of messages and data transactions daily, JetStream operates multiple data centers throughout the U.S. 
The Project
JetStream approached me wanting help with a complete brand and business redevelopment overhaul. Wanting to transition their company from a single product company into an enterprise level suite of networking tools and platforms. That required we rethink their entire brand identity and consumer messaging. Using a 'ground-up' approach I renamed the company from MailWatch to JetStream and then began a complete brand overhaul from identity, tone, and vision to desktop and mobile app designs, sales collateral, marketing materials, content writing, Social Media installations and all user touch points throughout the companies lifecycle. 
Branding and IdentityIn addition to designing and developing a brand new web presence, I looked under the hood of the entire brand across all user and internal touch points  including marketing collateral, sales sheets, brochures, intranets, databases, and more, and applied a holistic look and feel. Focusing on typography, iconography, color systems and brand Identity I created a complete suite of materials and collateral.
Branding Collateral
 - Website
 - Client Portal
 - Logo
 - Brochures
 - Sales Sheets
 - Letterhead
 - Business Cards
 - Client Portal
 - White papers