School Loop serves over 4,000 schools in 30 states and is one of the most widely used Learning Management Systems across the country. School Loop has been transformative in partnering with districts, schools and teachers to elevate, evolve, and create more intuitive processes and pathways for parents and kids to access and interact with their education.
Working closely with the CEO and CTO of SchoolLoop, I spearheaded all UX, UI and visual design efforts to create a fresh, modern, and more user-centered approach to the website design templates they were rolling out across schools and districts. Interviewing district leaders, teachers, parents, and students, I explored the different user bases, user-journeys, and the variety of ways in which visitors interacted with SchoolLoop websites..
My Roles: UX Design, Visual design, Web design, Art direction, Research& Discovery
My Deliverables: Multiple Responsive Websites, Prototypes, Design Systems, Style Guides, CMS Module Systems
My Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, Excel, Microsoft

In creating these new website templates for SchoolLoop's clients, I needed to implement designs that would scale across a districts complex system of users understanding that district, elementary and high school websites had different user bases with shifting interests and information access needs.
District Websites
These needed to be information rich for communities, careers, policies and procedures, board members and meetings, faculty, and other administrative content.
Elementary Schools
We found elementary schools were heavily trafficked by parents seeking content that showcased healthy and positive interactions with their kids and quick access to important content like calendars, schedules, lunches, homework, etc,
High School
Once kids reach high school, interests shift heavily to college prep, sports, extra-curricular activities, study resources, exam preps.
Style Guides and CMS Modules
Creating clear styles guides, pattern libraries and CMS module components was a critical part of this project for allowing SchoolLoop to manage, edit and scale these templates across schools, districts, and clients.