Role: Senior Art Director / Consulting
See's Candies has been an iconic candy company for more than 90 years and continues to evolve its audiences generation after generation. Warren Buffet bought See's Candy for $25 million in 1972, and by 2011 it had grossed more than a billion dollars.
As Consulting Senior Art Director for See's Candies I immersed myself in a 4-month project where I art directed and designed 10 separate catalogs cover to cover including on-location and in studio art direction, sourcing and managing food stylists, prop stylists, and photographers, catalog design, pre-flight and pre-press production, and more.
Brand Research and Exploratory
Prior to starting the project, I immersed myself in the See's Candy brand, exploring their history, market environment, customers, and brand guidelines.

The See's Candy Brand
See's Candy Target Customers
See's Candy Style Guide & Brand Identity
See's Candy Catalogs
On location in San Francisco and Los Angeles, I Art Directed a team of prop stylists, food stylists, and photographers to create 6 distinct catalogs for See's Candies 2016 calendar line-up including Halloween, Winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Business, and Fund-raising. Leading the team through many multiple day shoots I ideated and art directed dozens of unique environments and sets that would represent the different holidays and seasons.

Halloween Catalog
See's Candy Thanksgiving Catalog
See's Candy Business Winter Catalog
See's Candy Christmas Catalog
See's Candy Catalog Design
In addition to art directing all photo shoots, I curated, designed and produced 12 complete catalogs, cover-to-cover, including designing over 250 pages of complex grid systems and strict guidelines for candy size, placement, and configuration. I also worked closely with the Product Manager on copy-editing, photo-editing, photo curation, pre-flighting, etc.,
Roles & Skill Sets
Art Direction / Location and Studio
Sourced and Managed Food & Prop Stylists and Photographers
Catalog Design
Project Management
Pre-flight and Production
Photo Curation
Copy Editing