Zonda exists to inform, advise and connect the next generation of housing by leveraging deep data, insights, and the people and players that move the industry forward. Spanning across three interconnected pillars of data, media, and engagement, the Zonda ecosystem connects the housing industry in a way that has never been attempted. 
As Senior Director of Brand, I led efforts to build, evolve, and extend a floor-to-ceiling rebrand across all pillars and platforms of the company. Working with internal design teams, marketing teams, product teams, and outside agencies, we built, branded, and executed design systems, brand identities, corporate collateral, products, websites, events, marketing, social media, digital media, and print campaigns. I sourced, led, and mentored new talent, strategized campaigns across platforms and devices, evolved corporate brands and dozens of sub-brands, executing strategic initiatives, and working with stakeholders across the company to grow, evolve, and extend meaningful brand equity in the company.

My Role: Senior Design Director, Brand, Brand Strategist, Creative & Art Direction.
My Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, InDesign, Canva, InVision, Sketch, Slack, Box, Google Docs, Zoom, and Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
Design Credits: Cinco Agency; Emmanuel Encinas; Matt Faller; David Dickerson.
Building a Brand
Back to basics
As part of a full stack brand overhaul we focused our initial efforts at the core of the Zonda brand, establishing a full brand identity kit including logo, typography, color systems, iconography, patterns, illustration, and photography.
We developed and documented voice, tone, personality, vision, audience, platforms, mission and rules.
Website Redesign
A major part of the Zonda rebranding efforts was standing up a new website that would communicate the full width, depth, and breadth of the Zonda ecosystem, that makes accessing actionable and critical housing information easy by providing real estate data, advisory services, and insights all under one roof.
Building our social footprint
Leveraging the newly redesigned Zonda Brand Identity, our marketing and brand teams built a robust and integrated system of social media assets able to deploy with speed and agility across platforms, campaigns, and initiatives. Our templated social system was evolved and extended throughout the company across marketing, events, product, and corporate campaigns.
Data Visualization
Worked with product designers, product VP's, and other stakeholders to ensure all product data viz components, reports, graphs, charts, and elements aligned with brand and brand systems to tell a singular, cohesive story. 
Email Campaigns
In collaboration with brand and marketing teams, we created a complex yet agile email templated system that would scale across data, media, and engagement pillars, allowing unique campaigns to launch with speed and agility while strictly adhering to the brand standards and guidelines across the company.